Language and speech trainings turns into a game and learning new words becomes a natural & permanent process.

Increases parent’s participation for continuous education.

Strengthens family-teacher collaboration and communication.

Encourages communication by bringing education into life.

Meet with Tolkido

Tolkido is an educational audio material designed for all children speech difficulties, especially autism. It makes educational flash cards and the objects in the natural setting of a child individualized and vocalized with mother's voice.
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How it Works?

Special education made simple and fun with Tolkido!

Scientific Base of Tolkido

ABA is an intense teaching method that helps children with autism build basic skills, language & social behavior by reinforcement and repetition. With this method, skills become habits over time.

Tolkido’s smart technology increases efficiency of ABA Method in a playful way.

PECS is an alternative communication system based on ABA, teaching children with autism a fast, self-initiating, functional communication. PECS begins with the exchange of simple icons then builds “sentence” structure.

Tolkido, functions perfectly with accelerating the progress. Tolkido supports unlimited number of PECS cards and discards extra cost by its adaptable and upgradable cards for changing phases.

Specialist Recommendation


Unlimited Card & Stickers

You can vocalize unlimited number of Cards and Stickers with a Tolkido. Forget the memory problem.

Unlimited Voice Record

There is no timing limit. You can record voices in any length and number. All you need is a microphone.

Easily Customizable

No need to buy new cards. You can change the sound and images on cards according to your needs any time.

Durable Battery

Save your money and time. Tolkido has a strong rechargeable battery that lasts for weeks. So you can continue education without interruption.

2-Year Guarantee & Lifelong Support

User Reviews

Form the best school to a home with no facilities Tolkido makes any environment suitable for best quality scientific education