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Your child's developmental steps
personalized game learning

    Accelerate Learning
    Without Compromising Fun

  • Improves speaking with play.
  • Teaching new words and concepts
  • Supports intelligence development
  • Strengths bonding with parent voice
  • Easier to fall asleep with sleep mode
  • Intelligence and Memory

  • Language

  • Imagination

  • Strong Parent
    Child Bond

  • Game Active

  • Parental Controlled
    Safe Play

With your child at any age

Tolkido grows with your child. With its adaptive technology suitable for Developmental Steps, it gives the opportunity to adjust the learning content according to the age and stage of the child. With its sets suitable for all ages, it recognizes your child from infancy and offers sets suitable for him. Tolkido Gaming ecosystem always has something suitable for your child!

How Does It Work?

  • 1. Save your MİO and Playsets.
  • 2. Touch the interactive parts to MİO and let it start talking. Let him teach vocabulary, start English, read a book, tell a story...
  • 3. Follow your child's progress with TolkidoApp.

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Kullanıcı Yorumları

“He never said good morning. He started to say good morning in the morning for the first time with Tolkido. It makes us very happy.”
Mother of a 3-year-old child
“I don't like rote learning. I use Tolkido as a game while voicing different objects, so that my child does not adhere to patterns.”
special education teacher
“Children learn new words much faster with Tolkido. It makes life easier for teachers and families.”
class teacher

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