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How we created Tolkido?

As the co-founder of Tolkido, when I was a Computer Engineering student, my cousin Umut was diagnosed with autism. Umut, once a talkative and cheerful child, no longer speaks and has become a quite and reserved child. This affected me a lot and I went on a quest to return Umut back to his old days. My uncle spent a lot of effort working with Umut at home using visual training cards to teach him new words. By closely witnessing this training process, I saw inefficiencies in education. This training method was useful for Umut, but I could make it better. After brainstorming with my uncle for a while, we came up with the idea of Tolkido. After experimenting with Umut, we observed how useful it was to him. After that, we started our professional journey so that every children with autism could benefit from this educational material.


Since 2016

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Tolkido was born in 2016, inspired by the problems of a child with autism. Since then, Tolkido takes part of the educational trainings of thousands of children. We have achieved countless successes in three years. We continue to work with the dream that all children can reach the quality and scientific education they need.

Ideation & Development

– Feb 2016
Tolkido started as a Scientific Research Project at Yaşar University based on the problems Can’s cousin with autism. In 15 months, 60 prototypes were developed and tested with more than 500 children in 60 special education centers. In every six months, new prototypes were developed according to the feedback from experts.
24 Jun 2016


– Jun 2017

With the State R&D and Innovation Support we started the preperations for production. After a succesfull crowdfunding campaign in Turkcell Arıkovanı, we gained the support of 133 people and institutions and we successfully produced the first products.

24 Jun 2016

Equality in Education Campaign

– Apr 2019
We launched a campaign in cooperation with Turkey’s leading autism associations and foundations. In the campaign, carried out with the Önemsiyoruz, we raise funds for the children who need Tolkido and reached 70 schools and families in need through foundations and associations.
24 Jun 2016


Support your child's education with Tolkido’s creative materials.

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