Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Purchase & Order

How long does it take for my order to reach me?
I want to add something to my order, how can I do it?
How can I cancel my order?

Questions about return

Can I return within 14 days for free?
What are the refund and return conditions?

About Guaranty and Services

I'm having problems with the products, what should I do?
How long do the products stay in the service?

Questions About Mio

How long does the battery last?
Can MIO's Battery Rechargeable?
How Long is the Warranty Period of the MIO?
Is MIO Drop Resistant?
How Can I Install Mio?
Mio has received a software update, what does it mean?

App-related questions

Where Can I Download Tolkido App?
Where are my voice recordings stored?
Why Android App Wants to Open Location?