How Tolkido works

Tolkido is adaptive for each child's unique needs and characteristics.Learn how to personalize your Tolkido products easily.

Creating Tolkido Account

Download Tolkido App to your smart phone and create account.
Register your Mio to your account.
Register your Playsets to your account.

Playing with Tolkido

  • Turn on your Mio. Touch it to the interactive cards and stickers to hear the sounds.

  • Support your child's mental and physical development with educational and fun games.

  • Let your child discover world with increased interactivity.

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Tracking Child Development

Connect your Mio to Tolkido App regularly to check your child's progress with Tolkido. View personalized play suggestions for your child.

Adopts to your child’s
developmental stages

Tolkido Mobile App monitors your child's progress. It gives personalized play suggestions suitable for your child in time.

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