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DIY Cards

set of 10 voiceable cards

Record your own voice and upload it to cards. Let MIO speak with your voice.

What you can do with this set is almost limitless. Record stories, sing songs and lullabies, or teach vocabulary.

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  • Contains 10 cards.
  • Makes your loved ones listen to their voices.
  • Allows you to make your own voice recording.
  • Voice recording can be changed at any time.
  • Ideal for preparing special sets for your child.

How Do Tolkido DIY Cards Work

  • 1. Prepare the images for the cards.
  • 2. Record your audio with Tolkido app.
  • 3. Upload the audio recording to the card.
  • 4. Touch the card to Mio to hear the audio.

Design your unique Playset for your child.

    • You can easily make your own Playsets with any image and sound you put on your cards. Just draw or cut and place an image and record your voice.

What can I do with this set?

You can create countless fun and interactive games and activities.

Lullabies From My Mom

Tales From My Grandfather

My Family Members

Change Sound Recordings As You Like.

    • You can change the sound recordings any time and as much as you want with Tolkido Mobile App.

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