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Smart English Friend

Teaches English in a natural flow with play.

It is a comprehensive set that contributes to the development of intelligence while teaching English through play in its natural flow.

It consists of 10 sets and 30 language packs in total. The first set of the program is included in the package.

Talks with your child, asks questions and follows their progress. Tolkido mobile application guides you step by step and recommends the next set and language packs.

The entire program teaches over 200 words and phrases.

305 $ 300 $


  • Teaches English in a natural way.
  • Improves listening and comprehension skills.
  • It accelerates the development of intelligence.
  • Improves visual and auditory memory.
  • It strengthens attention and perception.
  • Supports self-discipline skills.

Choose case.

What's in the set?

  • MIO

    Interactive smart game box

  • My First Words 1

    8 cards, 4 game educational set with English starter sound pack

  • Puki Cover

    Cute cover made from 100% organic fabrics

Early Persistent English

In the early years when the brain is at its most open,


    Learns the language in its natural flow, like a mother tongue.


    It accelerates attention, perception, memory and language development with spiral education and games.

  • CORRECT PROnunciation


    Makes it fun for a long time.

My First Words Start with 1.

Concept Card

6 learning cards that play one of 3 different sounds at every tap

Question Card

Ask a different question with each tap. Gives feedback based on his answer.

What's in the Box Label

One tap to start the box collection game.

Memory Game Card

One tap starts the memory boost game.

Puki Let the fun begin with.

100% Organic FDA Certified, made from the best fabrics for little ones health.

1. Dress the puki.

2. Paste the tag and record the audio.

3. Let Puki tap the tag and start reading a book!

What you can do with this set is almost limitless.

Let's say it


Memory Game

Expand your game library easily.

With sets starting from 8$, MIO turns into an educational playmate over time.

According to the needs of your child;

  • The first word of the

  • Sleeping Companion

  • Reading a book

  • From mother voice
    tells a tale.

  • to English

  • Creativity of
    keeps it alive.

  • Screenless, safe entertainment

    Exposing your child to the screen no worries.

  • Strong memory, powerful processor

    High game capacity with more than 2000 sound memory

  • Durable and ergonomic

    There are no small parts that could be dangerous. Shockproof ABS body.

  • Standalone and portable

    No phone or internet connection required during gameplay. Easily carried anywhere.

  • Uninterrupted play

    With its powerful rechargeable internal battery, it offers up to two weeks of gameplay on a single charge.

How It Works?

  • 1. Prepare the stickers.
  • 2. Record audio from Tolkido app.
  • 3. Upload audio recording to tag
  • 4. Tap the sticker to the MIO and let your voice start playing!

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