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Smart Fairy Tale Friend

Makes you listen to tales from the voices of your loved ones.

Record a fairy tale with your own voice on 10 cards in the set.

When you touch the card to the MIO, the recording will play.

Let your child listen to tales from the voice of you and your loved ones.

305 $ 300 $


  • Includes DIY Cards, MIO, Puki Cover and User Manual.
  • Makes your loved ones listen to their voices.
  • Allows him to record his own voice.
  • Suitable for use from infancy.

Choose case.

What's in the set?

  • MIO

    Interactive smart game box

  • DIY Cards

    10 cards to upload your own sound recordings

  • Puki Cover

    Cute cover made from 100% organic fabrics

Explore with fairy tales.

With the miraculous effect of a mother's voice,


    It develops imagination by taking it to the world of fairy tales.


    It supports the development of intelligence by strengthening language, memory, attention and perception.


    You or your favorite fairy tales Listens to your voice even when you're not around.


    Makes it fun for a long time.

The stage is yours.

Create your dream set.

    • With the Tolkido mobile app;
    • You can record lullabies, fairy tales, white noise or slapstick sounds, or record remote you can upload the voice of your loved ones, Grandparents to the cards.
    • You can change the voice recordings as much as you want.

Let the fun begin with Puki.

100% Organic FDA Certified, made from the best fabrics for little ones; health.

1. Dress the puki.

2. Place the card in the pocket.

3. Let Puki touch the card, let the tale begin!

What can I do with this set?

You can create countless fun games and activities.

Lullapes from my mother's voice

I Know My Family

Expand your game library easily .

With sets starting from 8$, MIO turns into an educational playmate over time.

According to the needs of your child;

    • Screenless, safe entertainment

      Exposing your child to the screen no worries.

    • Strong memory, powerful processor

      High game capacity with more than 2000 sound memory

    • Durable and ergonomic

      There are no small parts that could be dangerous. Shockproof ABS body.

    • Standalone and portable

      No phone or internet connection required during gameplay. Easily carried anywhere.

    • Uninterrupted play

      With its powerful rechargeable internal battery, it offers up to two weeks of play on a single charge.

    • 1. Prepare the cards.
    • 2. Record audio from Tolkido app.
    • 3. Upload audio to card
    • 4. MIO card touch it and your voice will play.

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